5 Things You Can Do For A More Productive Morning

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Being a “morning person” is more about the habits you create that anything else. For many years I wasted mornings and I’d only start doing something productive around 3pm. That has changed due to some very easy and simple habits I’ve created along the way and that you can insert into your life too so today’s post is all about 5 Thing You Can Do For A More Productive Morning.

Plan what you’ll be doing | Planning is the key to have a productive morning as knowing what you actually need to do is the first step to start working. Plan your morning the night before and be realistic about it. Bear in mind that you always must prioritize so more important tasks need can be done in first place.

Don’t press the snooze button | This might be the most difficult habit to break: pressing the snooze button but it’s definitely worth it. When you hear your alarm in the morning the only thought that comes to your mind is “Just 5 more minutes” and you’re brain will stay with it for the rest of the day. It’s much harder to get up then. Once the alarms goes on, turn it off and get up right away.

Wash your face | You might have not pressed snooze today but going from your bed to your couch is not the best way of starting a productive morning. Go straight to the bathroom and wash your face. Use your favourite morning cleanser and do your skin care, it will make you feel much more awake and ready to start the day.

Get out of your pyjamas | You can work from home and have a productive morning on comfortable clothes such as leggings and a slouchy sweater but not in your pyjamas. If you keep your pyjamas on, your brain will most likely assume you’re allowed to procrastinate. So get out of your pyjamas!

Take breakfast | For me this is an essential and my brain can’t properly work until I have something in my stomach. You spend the entire night without eating and then you want to feel energised and ready for the day without any food? Not possible! If you don’t like to eat in the morning, drink something that will give you energy and nutrients at the same time. Coffee is not included. Maybe a natural juice!

What essential tips do you have for having a productive morning and being a morning person? Are you one?
Love, Rita

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