The Sunday Post #1: How I Did With Uni Exams

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It’s the first “The Sunday Post” of the year and the first of A Bittersweet Diary but that doesn’t mean everything is roses and rainbows. This year I’ve been a lot more positive and a bit less dramatic which means I accept bad news differently from what I used to before. However, it does mean I like them.

January hasn’t been an easy month as it was the very first time I had to deal with University exams and I must admit I didn’t deal with the pressure the best way. I had initially thought I was ready to do 6 exams in 3 weeks and pass on all of them but I really wasn’t and I realised that before any of them started.

One my subjects had two exams: a practical one and a theoretical one and the practical one was eliminator which means that if I didn’t pass that one I couldn’t do the theoretical one. I decided that it would be better to focus on the practical one first so I did. I got to the exam and knew every single answer to the questions I had read but then I started to freak out when the professor asked me something and I didn’t answer correctly. I panicked, I couldn’t think, I couldn’t even breath properly and suddenly she says “Time is over!” and I had only done 25% of the exam. Long story short: I failed because I didn’t control my nerves and I couldn’t take the theoretical exam. Now I have to do both on February and hope things go better this time. A few months back I would have cried for hours and I’d have been in bad mood for days but I now understand that nothing would be easier if I had cried for hours so I just accepted it was my fault and moved on. A few tears might have rolled down my face when on my way home but you know, you have to let it go sometimes.

My last exam was last Tuesday and I failed too but this one didn’t make me feel as bad as I knew I hadn’t studied enough and I went purely to see how things would be and to prepare myself to February.

I have been studying now and praying to all saints not to freak out next time because clearly that didn’t help me. On the other 3 exams I did I don’t have much news. I passed the Organic Chemistry one which is great as it’s one less I have to worry about but I still need to know how I did on Biostatistics and on Eating Habits (who knows if this would actually be the name of the subject in English? But that’s what is about anyway!).

How as the first month of 2016 been so far?
Love, Rita

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