The Routine That Transformed My Skin

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I’m not the type of person that doesn’t even have to worry about skincare to have the most flawless skin but I’m certainly not one that can handle a full and strict routine either. Since started reading blogs I realised not everyone can follow the same rules and in my opinion there aren’t rules when it comes to skincare as everyone is different.
When I was younger I didn’t care about my skin at all. I didn’t apply moisturizer, sun cream and eye cream? What even is that? Then I went through a phase when I wanted to follow a strict routine but my skin wasn’t enjoying it at all. Sometimes you think a product isn’t right for you but you never try to adjust the quantity you use or the amount of times you apply it, am I right? For months I went doing some adjustments on the quantity of product used, on the way of applying it and how many times a day I should do it and I finally got to the perfect skincare routine that has been transforming my skin from tired to glowy and healthy.

Washing | The first thing I do in the morning is washing my face with fresh water and the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Wash (2,50€). This is a foaming wash perfect for the morning as it removes all the sebum produced during the night without being too harsh on the skin as it doesn’t have any scrubbing particles.

Eye Cream | Then I like to gently apply the Byphasse Lift Instant Eye Gel Cream (2,99€) with SPF 8 and the coenzyme Q10. This is in gel form which I love as it makes my eye area feel extra fresh and hydrated. It creates the perfect base for any eye makeup that I might apply later. Since using this eye cream the fine lines under my eyes have been gradually reducing something it does make an extreme difference when applying concealer!

Sun Cream | For years I underrated the power of the sun and the influence it had on my acne. The first thing my dermatologist told me when I got there with my face full of acne was “We’re going to take care of that and the first thing you’re going to do is apply sun cream every single day without any excuse”! It wasn’t easy to include that on my routine initially but now I would never go out of the house without applying the Uriage Hyséac Fluid in SPF 50+ (15,90€). It helps reducing the redness of my skin and prevents the appearance of new blemishes (something you can also read on the Uriage website). This is perfect for oily skinned girls as it’s mattifying and it helps reducing the oiliness of the skin.

Moisturizer | The one I have been loving is the Garnier Hydra-Adapt for Combination to Oily skin (3,99€). This is one of the few moisturizers (and I’ve tried a lot) that keeps my face matte without drying it out. It’s very fresh and quickly absorbed. I prefer to apply the moisturizer after the sun cream in case I apply a bit too much of it and I need to cancel any shine. This is the one moisturizer that I love and I don’t imagine myself using any other at the moment as it never makes me break out. Garnier often changes the name and the packaging of their products from country to country and the most similar product I could find on the Garnier website was the Garnier Moisture + Matte for Combination to Oily skin which also has green tea extracts.

Lip Care | For my lips I use the Vaseline Original Pure Petroleum Jelly (1,99€ - 50 mL) as it keeps my lips hydrated and ready to receive any lipstick I might apply later. Be careful when applying this as a tiny bit goes a long way and you only need the tiniest amount of product to treat both your bottom and top lip.

Makeup Removing | For a long time I thought the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Sensitive skin (3,99€) was my holy grail makeup remover until I tried the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination to Oily & Sensitive skin (3,99€). On the very first few days of using this product my skin felt a massive change which led to some dry patches on the most sensitive areas of my face but that soon disappeared and the oiliness of my skin has been reducing every day. I highly recommend it to everyone with combination or oily skin.

Extra Cleansing | After removing all my makeup I like to scrub my face with the Garnier Pure Active Fruit Energy Daily Energising Gel Scrub (2,50€). This is one of the gentlest scrubs I’ve ever tried yet it feels amazing on the skin. This is (in my honest opinion) the exact same product that I use in the morning but has scrub particles which makes it perfect for using at night to remove all the dirty that your face has been accumulating during the day. Both products help me control the oiliness of my skin and reduce the redness.

Toner | I love going to bed feeling extra fresh and so I use the Garnier Essentials Softening Toner Goodbye Dry (2,49€) (for dry skin). Even though my skin is clearly more on the oily side than on the dry one I feel like toners for oily skin make mine feel very dry and harsh so I always prefer to use toners for sensitive skin as these are a lot more gentle.

Lip Care | Keeping my lips hydrated is a must for me as I love using matte lipstick that can often dry your lips a bit. I use the same product as I do in the morning, the Vaseline Jelly and at this time I apply a lit bit more as I’m just going to bed there’s really no problem if it looks a bit greasy.

Now, I want to promise you all this is not a sponsored post by Garnier even though it might look like that! I just feel like my skin loves Garnier products as they’re very gentle and never make me break out. I also want every single one of you to understand that you don’t need to spend 200€ on skincare products to achieve a healthy looking skin as those might not even be the right ones for you. Try different things, different methods and ways of applying until you’re completely satisfied. As you can see I don’t apply eye cream or moisturizer at night as I feel like that is way too much for my skin to handle. Make your own rules!

What are your favourite skincare products?
Love, Rita

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