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Big brands, small brands, expensive ones and others not so much but you see lip liners everywhere! Being a lover of bold colours wasn’t always easy and the help of a lip liner is always welcome. In the beginning I had no idea if I’d like lip liners at all so I tried Essence ones which are very inexpensive. Now I don’t want anything else. 

Lip liners are probably one of the most useful makeup products out there (and concealer to cover my gigantic dark circles) as you can use them by themselves as if they were a lipstick or under a lipstick to help you control where you actually apply it. The Essence Lip Liners retail at 1,29€ which is crazy inexpensive considering the quality of them and I can say I would still buy them even if the price quadrupled! That’s how great they are. 

These lip liners are very easy to apply and glide smoothly on your lips which is something I always look for on a lip liner. Essence has recently reformulated their lip liners but honestly I don’t notice much difference. The pigmentation is the same as well as the durability and the creaminess of them. The only difference I see is the packaging that in my opinion is much better now! In Portugal we have available 9 shades from bright reds to discreet nudes which I love as it gives you an option for every occasion and the combinations you can create with these and a different lipstick are endless. 

So far I have picked 4 shades and I couldn’t be happier with them. Femme Fatale (14) is the classic bright red, Satin Mauve (06) is pink-y nude perfect for those who need a pink undertone on each nude they own as pure brown doesn’t really work (I’m with you, girl), Honey Berry (15) is a deep purple and Red Blush (08) is more of a deep red. 

For those who don’t know me already, Diva by Mac always becomes my lipstick obsession over the winter months. Red Blush (08) is a great shade to apply under Diva so that you can achieve a clean and flawless look. As I love to experiment, I decided to join Honey Berry (08) and Diva and I love the result! If you have a few lip liners and lipsticks around, start playing as you might found incredible combinations despite the price of each product! 

Have you ever tried any lip liners from Essence? Which brand does your favourites?
Love, Rita

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