Blogging Goals for 2016

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Blogging Goals for 2016

Who doesn’t have goals and dreams? Those make us move forward and want to be better every single day in order to achieve everything we want. This year I’m going to fight for what I want and that is to be happier and prouder of myself. Let’s start with some blogging goals for 2016.

This year I want to..
  • Do at least one giveaway to thank for all the support I’ve been receiving since I started blogging; 
  • Be more present on Twitter chats (If you’ve never participated on a Twitter chat, you’re missing out! It’s always really fun and you can talk and meet a lot of bloggers that might or might not have the same interests you do); 
  • Do more content that I’m truly proud of; 
  • Improve my photography and be more creative with the backgrounds and props I use; 
  • Care less about statistics because if you care to much, they might break you a little every now and then; 
  • Take more time to properly promote my blog and my newest blogposts; 
  • Take my time to write every single blogpost and never rush them; 
  • Change the design of my blog and be proud of it (When I wrote this goal, I didn’t really knew I’d take an afternoon to do it in order to be perfect for the 1st day of 2016!); 
  • Change the name of my blog to something more creative and that reflects the person I am a bit more (The same thing happened with this one because I got into my head I wanted to change so I did in a day and got everything ready for today!); 
  • Comment more regularly on blogs I love. 
Tell me what blogging goals you have for this year if you’re a blogger or any other goals in general that you want to achieve in your life. I hope you all have the best year of your lives!

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