5 Things To Do in 5 Years

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This year I seem to be setting myself a few goals and thing I want to achieve but I have no idea if I will. However, I’m going to do my best as always. Starting university last September made me realise how times is flying by as I still remember when I went to primary school and how excited I was. I started wondering myself where I’d be in 5 years from now and that got me into 5 things I want to have done by that time.

Take my first aeroplane trip I love traveling and discovering new places especially quiet ones where I can fully relax and forget about all that city movement that surrounds me every day. Even though I know quite a lot of the country, I’ve never got inside of an aeroplane and travelled to another country and that is something I want to risk of my bucket list in the next 5 years (maximum!!), please!

Get my first job This might be the most ambitious 5-year-goal I’ve ever established myself. In 5 years I will have most certainly graduated from University and if I don’t go back there to do a masters degree, I want to get my first job as doing nothing at all is not really my thing. In these days, getting a job isn’t the easiest thing to do here but hopefully things will be better in 4/5 years, right? At least I hope so!

Get my driver’s license When I was about to turn 18 every single person I know asked me if I wasn’t going to take my driver’s license and when I said no everyone looked at me as if I was an alien. I’ll explain. I don’t like to do multiples things at the same time and being able to get my driver’s license, to study for Uni and to blog is pretty impossible to me. Besides that, I don’t have a car and neither I nor my parents can afford a car at the moment. So I thought “what’s the point of having a driver’s license if I can’t drive? To forget everything I’ve learn and have to pay for extra lessons when I actually get a car, I better get my driver’s license once I can afford one”. Am I that wrong? I don’t think so. Anyways, even though I’m not the biggest fan of cars and driving, I know it’s one of the most useful things to have so I want to get it done in 5 years!

Have a solid blog and a solid readership I’m a person that likes to talk and enjoys seeing her work being appreciated, who doesn’t? I can have tons of followers but if none of them interact with me I certainly won’t be happy so I much prefer having a solid readership than many followers and that is something I want to start building from now on! I know there’s already a few people who read my blog regularly and I can already recognize many names in the comments which I have to be honest about: it makes me feel very happy!

Buying my first DSLR camera Saving money isn’t very easy for me as I don’t earn it because I don’t work so all I have is some money I get on Christmas, my birthday and that my parents give me occasionally. Being able to afford my own DSLR won’t be very easy in a near future but it’s something I really want to do by myself and hopefully I won’t need 5 years to do it! It will take time but I’ll get there!

What things do you have on your bucket list? I want to know!
Love, Rita

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