5 Things I Want to Do in 2016

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Everyone should have goals because those are the ones who make you fight for the things you wish the most. This year I thought I didn’t have any specific goals but when I found myself thinking “this year I want to do this, this and this”, I actually realised that I do and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.

This year I want to…
  • Try to use contact lenses I know this might sound just like a normal thing to some of you but for me, it has always been a bit of a drama. I’m really picky about those type of things and every time I think about contact lenses all that comes to my mind is “How am I going to be able to stick my finger in my eye??” Dramatic, I know. This year I want to finally take that step and try at least adapt myself to it because I do really have sight problems but I don’t always want to wear glasses which I think it’s normal so I simply end up not being able to tell apart a friend from a stranger when far away.
  • Paint my room walls of white Call it “bloggers influence” but my love for white has been growing for a long time. Even though some people get amazed at the fact that my room is painted in a light lilac colour, I’m really tired of it. I’ve seen this colour every day of my life for almost a decade now and I just can’t wait to get rid of it and paint it in white. Boring? Maybe. But it will reflect the light a lot more which will make it appear bigger and will help me when taking blog photos.
  • Change my room’s furniture Just like the lilac walls, I can’t take this furniture for any longer. I’ve had this bed and this desk for almost 13 years which is enough for me. I got this when I first went to school which means I was six and I’m now almost 19. I don’t like my bedroom anymore and I can’t change it because I can’t change the place of things because my room doesn’t have enough space for it. I have already been looking for new furniture and I’m trying to contain myself as I know I can’t spend a crazy about of money. [Would you like to see a room makeover once everything is done on the blog?]
  • Grow my blog in quality and quantity When I say I want to grow my blog, I don’t mean having 10k followers on Bloglovin by the end of this year because that is pretty much impossible and that’s not what blogging is about at least not for me (but it would be kind of crazy, right?). When I say I want to grow it, I’m especially talking about quality. I want every single post I do to be the best quality I can and I want to improve from day to day. I want to put myself out there, try new things and improve myself. I’ve written my blogging goals for 2016 that you can read here.
  • Pass all my uni exams This is something I never thought I would say because before I used to imagine myself nailing university like nothing else. Guess what? Not happening! I work really hard but this first semester I didn’t properly organise everything which is making my study for exams a lot more difficult. Once the second semester starts in February I want to improve my organisation so that I won’t be freaking out when the next round of exams comes. I want to pass all my exams this year because I know that if I leave something to do, it will be a lot harder later.
What goals and projects do you want to do this year?
Love, Rita

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