5 Beauty Things I Suck At

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We might love beauty with all our hearts but there’s always those things we don’t like to do or that we do like but we suck at it. There are a few beauty things I suck at and I’m not afraid to share them with you as I’m hoping you’ll be sharing some things too! 

When I was thinking about 5 beauty things I suck at, these were the ones that quickly came to my mind as they’re the most obvious considering my struggle when it’s time to actually do them. I can say I suck at… 
  • Shaving I do love the end result after wasting some of my time shaving, especially my legs. Yes, I do love perfectly soft legs but I do hate shaving. I think I wait for winter all year long so that I don’t have to shave because I can hide my legs with jeans or thick thighs. Am I the only one? I’m so lazy when it comes to shaving. 
  • Taking care of my hair I don’t hate taking care of my hair, applying a mask or some serum on my incredibly dried ends but I simply forget. Every time I wash my hair I do apply serum but I don’t apply a mask as often as I should and lets not talk about the fact that I should be applying serum at least once a day (not only when I wash my hair)! Should “take better care of my hair” be in my 2016 goals? Definitely yes, I’m just not sure if I’d accomplish that. 
  • Cleaning my makeup brushes/tools Oh dear, I tell myself I need to clean my brushes a lot more often but I only remember to do it when I need a clean one and they’re all dirty. I try to take care of my skin the best way I can but then I don’t wash my brushes. Why do I do this to myself? 
  • Applying mascara I am not the worse at doing my makeup, I'm even turning myself into a little pro at doing a cat eye as quick as I can but when it’s time for mascara, I pray to all saints that I don’t screw everything and don’t get mascara everywhere. Guess what? It happens all the time. It doesn’t matter how careful I am with it I always end up with mascara under my eyes, on my nose, on my eyelids. Everywhere. If you want to be my best friend just tell what the trick is, please! 
  • Touching up my makeup I do spend a while doing my makeup so that I look like a presentable human once I get out of the house at 7am but what about then? I never touch up my makeup during the day and the result isn’t pretty especially after a long one. My concealer is almost gone as well as any blush or bronzer that was initially applied on my face. I never seem to find the patient to do it or to even pack any products in my bag! 
What beauty things do you suck at? I want to know!
Love, Rita

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