10 European Places On My Bucket List | 2016

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Have you ever met someone that doesn’t like to travel? Or discover new places? I haven’t. I want to travel to different places in the world and discover new cultures. What’s better than the fact that we are all different? Nobody is the same and that is certainly something we should enjoy a lot more.

I’m certainly not someone that has travelled to places really far away but I’m one of those who has a father who enjoys driving somewhere he feels like to in the country and spend the day there and I enjoy it. I also want more. Travel to another country, see new cities and villages, hear a different language and eat amazing food. When thinking of places I want to visit in the world the list is endless so why not start by the places nearest? Today I’m showing 10 European Places On My Bucket List!

Some of you might have been to some of these places before but for me travelling to every single one of these place would be a first time. My mom has always loved to visit Venice and I think I kind of grew to listening her talking about it. Something I'd love to do in the future would be take my mom to Venice, how incredible it would be? Yes, because she has already visited Paris with a friend when she was 18 (awesome, I’d love it!!).

There’s also something about Amsterdam that really fascinates me. Maybe I really like tulips? I don’t actually know but I think it’s a city I would love to visit both on summer and winter! In comparison there are many other places that I would obviously prefer to visit during the summer like Santorini and Azores.

Since little I’ve been wanting to visit London and I even wished for a while that I was born in England and that I could talk amazing fluent English. A girl can dream, right? But now I don’t want to visit just London, I also want to see Brighton because the influence of bloggers and youtubers who live there is real!

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